It is Menstrual Hygiene Day; Menstruation isn’t shameful. It is natural.

Together, we can empower every girl to manage their menstruation safely and without shame. Based on our Menstrual hygiene report 33% of girls from Karare who have started their period use disposable sanitary pads; they are willing to use reusable sanitary pads. The parents contribute by providing the disposable sanitary pads which are available in the shops.

Research on menstrual health in Kenya shows that approximately 65% of Kenyan girls cannot afford sanitary pads on monthly basis due to high cost of disposable pads. The majority of girls who have not started their period are willing to use reusable pads.

For more insights kindly check through our Menstrual Hygiene Report below

Published by

Amuka Foundation

Amuka foundation has been set to change the lives of young people in Kenya providing them with the education and skills they need. We focus on the prevention and relief of poverty by advancing education, health and well being and improving the long-term conditions within which the young people live. We achieve this by equipping young people with the skills, knowledge, confidence and health to achieve whatever they want to regardless of background, tradition, culture and gender. Amuka - Rise up, Twende - Let’s go

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