Partners & Mentors

Village of Hope

Elvis Otieno

Elvis Otieno – Project Leader

I am happy and glad to partner with Amuka Foundation in Equipping, Empowering and Enabling learners, who come to the Village of Hope Library to learn and gain knowledge as well as being taken through the mentorship programs.

Apart from supporting the mentorship programs Amuka Foundation has established a center for women (Tumaini Mama Program) where they come to learn both life and technical skills in line with sewing of materials.

Many thanks to Amuka Foundation for the good job of transforming the young people and the community at large in Ngando area.

Konunga Lois

Konunga Lois – Club Leader

Since I joined the Amuka project in Ngando in 2017 November, a lot has changed with the learners who we mentor at Village of Hope Library.

Through Amuka Foundation the hopeless kid now has hope! The learners go through mentorship programs and also engage in co-curriculum activities after school courtesy of Amuka Foundation. Thank you for the mentorship training you sponsored for us to attend. As team Ngando, we are grateful for the support you have offered to us.

Kimmta, Kibera

Vincent Kegode – Project Leader

Born and brought up in Kibera slums, Vincent is a father of two sons and a daughter. Trained as a PE teacher under French Embassy, Kenya scholarship Malezi College. He has seen Kibera growing every day, all the time from using paraffin lambs and now to electricity. Vincent beliefs in the power of transforming lives of the young generation in Kibera slums.

The partnership with Amuka Foundation started back in 2016. Since then Kimmta Centre has improved through capacity building of the staff members, donations of books, educational toys, children’s clothes and sanitary towels. Through the Amuka Kimmta empowerment club many lives have been transformed in Kibera.

We are Better with Amuka!

Violet Nyagol

Violet Nyagol – Club Leader

As a mentor the Amuka Foundation has sponsored me to a number of mentorship trainings. Through this I gained skills and experiences that I use to mentor the girls and boys at the Kimmta area project.

I can affirm that yes; the children have benefitted immensely from the empowerment programs. They really appreciate what Amuka Foundation is doing in their lives in partnership with Kimmta.

Long Live Amuka Foundation.

Paul Ondogo – Club leader

Working with Amuka in Kimmta under the Amuka Twende empowerment program has been my greatest opportunity. Thanks for the coming of Amuka Foundation indeed, the empowerment program has greatly improved as we got support of educational materials, clothes and sanitary towels for the learners.

Through Amuka Foundation we felt motivated with the capacity building opportunities, workshops and empowerment trainings as well as the stipends we receive. Great to have Violet on board, whom together we mentor the boys and girls at Amuka Kimmta area project.

I strongly belief that with Amuka Kimmta I will be able to bridge the information gap that proves to be the greatest challenge to young people all over the world. Indeed, the future is bright provided we embrace knowledge and information.

Karare Area

Lucy Lekidayo

Lucy Lekidayo – Mwangaza Women Group Trainer

I am honored to be part of Amuka. My work is to train a group of 15 women from Karare region on how to sew, make small purses and re-usable sanitary towels. Thanks to Amuka Foundation for training’s on sewing and capacity building forums, which you sponsored me to attend.

Normally, we have our training’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturday.

I believe and I am very confident that with the training’s, the women group will make more purses and sanitary towels. Currently, we are sharing 5 machines and this slows the work. I wish the women can get more of the sewing machines.

Ashe Oleng’ Amuka foundation

john l

 John Lekormedet

I was born and grew up in a pastoralist community in karare.  I am a second year student at University of Nairobi persuing a degree course in Education Science. 

I have interacted with the community through various national and county exercises  pertaining women in the community. Am committed in working with Amuka Foundation in achieving its goals through the various rolling programmes.

Cecilia Korole

Cecilia  Korole

Cecilia is a young lady aged twenty years old. She resides in Parkishon village in Karare, together with her mother who is the sole bread winner after the death of her father at a tender age. Cecilia is a second born child and the only one to have gone to school among her other two sisters who married young. 

A second year student at Chuka University, Cecilia is pursuing a course in Community Development. She has a passion and ambition to work for the needy and finding ways of developing her community in general. Cecilia loves singing gospel songs as well as playing football and volleyball.

Growing up within the community gives her valuable insight into the challenges that young girls face, this gives her great advantage in working with our mentorship programme.

Catherine Leaduma

Catherine Leaduma

Catherine is twenty four years old and a first born in a family of eight children (two brothers and five sisters). Together with her siblings and parents, she resides within Karare town. Catherine  was brought up and schooled in Karare, attending Karare Primary and Cavallera Secondary schools, now a graduate from Embu University with a BSC Degree in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management.

Catherine has been involved with developing the girls mentorship programme in Karare for the past two years, she recognises the determination and courage of the girls who take part, and the ability of the programme to support their development and protection from many of the social harms they face.