Partners & Mentors

Karare Area

Lucy Lekidayo

Lucy Lekidayo – Mwangaza Women Group Trainer

I am honored to be part of Amuka. My work is to train a group of 15 women from Karare region on how to sew, make small purses and re-usable sanitary towels. Thanks to Amuka Foundation for training’s on sewing and capacity building forums, which you sponsored me to attend.

Normally, we have our training’s on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturday.

I believe and I am very confident that with the training’s, the women group will make more purses and sanitary towels. Currently, we are sharing 5 machines and this slows the work. I wish the women can get more of the sewing machines.

Ashe Oleng’ Amuka foundation

Ambrose Leado

Ambrose Leado

Ambrose is a resident of Karare. One of nine children, five boys and four girls, two of his siblings did not go to school, sacrificing education to look after the family livestock so that their siblings could study.

His family’s way of life is pastoralism, his father a herdsman and mum a housewife who sometimes helps to look after the family’s livestock. Ambrose is grateful that despite his parents not really understanding the value of education, they invested in most of their children. Given the lack of government support, their commitment and sacrifice was immense.

Ambrose attended Karare Primary School and after completing his primary national examinations transferred to the mission school, Saint Paul’s High school in Dirib Gombo, Marsabit. He reflects that his education was deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Grateful for quality education, Ambrose graduated to attend university where he attained a Bachelor of Commerce, (B.COM), specialising in finance during the third year of studies. Ambrose is currently undertaking online studies with KASNEB, CPA-Certified public accountancy.

Throughout his working life, Ambrose has undertaken a one-year internship with the County Government of Marsabit, working under the Office of Youth, trying to eradicate the menace of drug abuse though engagement in meaningful activities such as sport. Ambrose briefly taught business studies at Karare Mixed Secondary School and assisted the school in accounting and finance. He has also worked with two large non-governmental organisations; BOMA and KUSEIP.

Ambrose supports Amuka foundation as a Financial Associate, dealing in all matters relating to finance, making payments, and keeping records and books of account. Ambrose was instrumental in setting up a new mechanism for procuring and distributing food parcels for sponsored children.

Away from work, Ambrose enjoys football, as a keen player and avid fan as well as reading novels, magazines, and newspapers.

Joy Lealo

Joy Lealo

Joy is 23 years old. One of six children, she was born and raised in Songa, Marsabit County.

Joy attended Father John Primary School and later Chuka Girls High School where she completed her secondary education. Joy graduated from Mount Kenya University with a bachelor’s degree in business management; accounting option.

Joy supports Amuka foundation in administration and programme coordination, she is responsible for overseeing implementation of our Child Sponsorship Programme, collating records, and ensuring that donations are received in good time as well as identify any specific needs a child might have.

Joy describes working with Amuka as a great opportunity to learn new skills and also interact with the members of the community at large.

During her free time, Joy enjoys reading business journals and watching movies.

Jacinta Leereo

Jacinta Leereo

Jacinta is a twenty-nine year old lady. She comes from a humble background and a third born in a family of ten [five brothers and five sisters]. Together with some of her other siblings, lives with her parents in Karare Sub location, Marsabit County. 

Jacinta was brought up in Karare and schooled at Karare primary and Laisamis secondary schools respectively. She is a Diploma holder in Dairy Technology and Management from Dairy Training Institute in Naivasha. Jacinta is a humble, hard working and responsible young lady. 

Jacinta enjoys her work mentoring the girls in Karare, reflecting on her own life experience and inspired by the opportunities which now exist for the girls. When not busy with Amuka Foundation or supporting her family, Jacinta enjoys reading novels and playing chess.

Justina Letawa

Justina Letawa

Justina is 28 years old and comes from a humble background. First born in a family of nine, Justina has six brothers and two sisters. The family live in Karare, Marsabit County.

Brought up in Karare, Justina started her education at Karare Primary School. Justina remembers, that at that time it was the only school in Karare! After successfully completing her first eight years, she went to Tirrim Secondary School, a Christian school which she describes as being instrumental in shaping her life to be a responsible adult in today’s world.

Justina enjoys her role as Mentor for our Girls Mentorship Programme. Working with adolescent girls in schools across Karare, Justina teaches them self-esteem, decision making, relationships and well-being. Justina is looking forward to working with Class 8 girls throughout this year as they complete their primary education.


Everlyn Nanyu

Everlyn is 27 years old and comes from a humble background in Karare. Second born in a family of nine, Everlyn has four brothers and four sisters. Brought up in Karare, she schooled at Karare Primary School, later joining Bishop Cavallera Girls High School. Despite a good educational grounding, Everlyn was unable to further her studies.

Evelyn plays a critical role within our Girls Mentorship Programme. Meeting with girls from Lakartinya Primary School twice a week, she works diligently through a syllabus of modules teaching self-confidence, decision making, relationship, adolescence to enhance their social development.

Everlyn describes herself as a hardworking and organised lady, and is keen to promote these values amongst the girls she mentors.