Child Sponsorship

For some children in Kenya, life can be difficult. Children don’t get enough food to eat, and often go hungry. Parents can’t afford to pay for uniforms, exam fees and books, so even though education is free many children can’t go to school. Lots of children have to work to help support their families with manual labour and caring responsibilities, so forced to drop out of school. 

For those who are able to attend school, lunch is often their only meal of the day. Covid 19 pandemic is one example of how disruption to access to education has even greater impact on those in greatest need. 

All children have hopes and dreams, but poverty and injustice can hold them back. Missing out on an education can stop them from reaching their potential.

Education can transform a child’s life. We’re working with the local community in Karare to identify those children who will benefit most from being sponsored. Our programme is discreet; providing immediate support, whilst focusing on critical factors such as developing a better understanding of children’s rights and ensure their voices are heard, speaking out to protect and provide for their children.

Become a sponsor today and watch a child’s life change for the better as you unlock their potential!

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Amuka Child Sponsorship Notes & Questions

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Why I chose to Sponsor a child with Amuka Foundation