Mwangaza Women

Mwangaza women group started in 2016 through the support of Amuka Foundation. During a consultation exercise with more than 150 women from the community of Karare, we identified the need to develop new vocational skills to create income generating activities for women.

Most of the women provided either the main or sole income for their families. Many of them are either widows or the first of multiple wives; each carrying additional responsibilities such as paying school fees, providing food and paying medical bills for extended families.

Over time we have been able to equip Mwangaza Women with manual and electric sewing machines, provide materials and haberdashery items as well as access to a tutor to enable them to develop their skills. In 2019 we took on the rental of a secure working space for them in Karare where they now have access to electricity and advanced sewing machines. This space allows them to meet collectively or work alone to develop their skills.

The programme has grown with more than 15 women regularly attending and they have taken on a number of special assignments such as small beaded purses, pencil cases and more recently reusable sanitary towels.

Mwangaza Women have benefitted from donations from Soroptimist groups across the UK as well as tuition from highly skilled and talented guests!