Our Founder

Ellie Bird Lenawarungu

Ellie Bird Lenawarungu – Founder

Ellie served for more than thirty years as a police officer across the UK. Her passion for protecting those who are vulnerable and mentoring young people to develop skills and confidence to protect themselves and achieve their goals suited her new life in Kenya after retirement in 2014.

Ellie believes that effective solutions require an understanding of the complexity of problems. Amuka Foundation is committed to develop leadership and resilience within communities; a broad range of activities each addressing elements of the problem. Ellie has seen how equipping a mother with the skills to make reusable sanitary towels ensures that she can protect and provide for her children, her daughter can attend school and that she has the confidence to make decisions for the safety and wellbeing of her family.

As a consultant, working across Africa, Ellie advises on gender based violence, women, peace and security. Ellie donates a percentage of her earnings each month into sustaining the Foundation’s administration and project activities.

As well as developing young people in Kenya, Ellie is keen to share her experience and insight with other young people and those in leadership positions around the World.