Mwangaza Women community project

A core part of our mission is to teach vocational skills to women in the communities we work with. This has many benefits but the fundamental one is that it empowers women to be able to earn money to care for their families. In turn this means their daughters can stay in school instead of needing to help out at home.

This is why we worked with the local community in Karare to launch the Mwangaza Women programme in 2016. Many of the women we spoke to while developing the programme were either the primary or sole provider for their family, having to cover expenses for food, schooling, and healthcare. We realised the best way to support these women was to provide the means for them to use and develop skills they already had.

Since the programme started we have provided the group with sewing machines, fabrics, haberdashery items, and access to tutoring. More recently in 2019 we rented a secure working space in Karare where the group meet. There are now 15 women who regularly attend the group to work on a variety of projects including special community assignments such as reusable sanitary towels.

If you would like to support the Mwangaza Women group please visit our donation page.