Term 1, 2022

For some children in Kenya, attending school is simply not possible. There are several contributing factors: prohibitive costs of school materials, lacking practical necessities like uniforms or even shoes in order to be able to commute, and family demands such as providing care or manual labour,

Our sponsorship programme in Karare is designed to help children overcome these challenges. We work with the community in Karare to identify children who will benefit most from sponsorship and support them to overcome the obstacles placed in their way by poverty and social injustice. The sponsorship packages include shoes, toiletries, and stationery, while one of the community groups we work with, Mwangaza Women, makes school uniforms.

The result of all this? Happy smiling faces and bright futures: The pictures below show the Karare sponsorship group at the start of the first school term this year. As you can see, everyone was eager to seize the opportunity and embark on their academic journey.

If you would like to support our work by sponsoring a child you can find more information on our sponsorship page.