The start of a new school year

Back to secondary school

Stella, Seku and Betty are already enrolled into secondary school and have just returned to school. With the support of sponsors, we have been able to support the girls with school fees, text books, stationery, personal shopping, school shoes and uniform. As schools continue to adjust from the impact of the Covid pandemic, this academic year is compressed into just 9 months. Seku and Betty are both pictured with their mothers. We wish the girls luck in this new academic year.

Starting secondary school

For these girls the challenge is greater as they transition from primary to secondary school.

These girls are from pastoralist communities who are living through the challenge of drought. Timely to understand the impact of drought. If cattle and livestock cannot access water and grazing, they cannot produce milk. Women within these communities are considered to own this milk and rely on sales to provide for food for their families and pay school fees. Increases in food prices and inability to generate income seriously threatens the opportunity for girls to continue to stay in school and access education

There are eight girls who were members of our Girls Mentorship Programme who are due to start Form One. (i.e. move from primary to secondary) 

We have met with each of the girls and their parent or guardian to assess what assistance we can provide. All girls have received personal toiletry items, stationery, an allowance for personal shopping and where possible assistance with school fees, school uniform and transport costs.

When a girl joins secondary school she has a long list of items she is required to purchase. They move from day schooling to boarding and so costs increase considerably.

We will keep in touch with the girls when they return home for mid term break and monitor their progress. We seek assistance from our Head Teachers and mentors to provide any additional support and guidance. 

How can you support?

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