Get to know how their lives have changed since joining Amuka mentorship program

Meet our mentorship girls from Loruko & Lakartinya primary schools
Grade 8

Stella is a student from Loruko primary school. Since joining the mentorship program Stella has shown good leadership skills. She is a focused and self-driven student. She was identified as one of the peer mentors to support other girls within Loruko primary school.

Stella narrates how the mentorship program has changed her life both academically and socially. The best of the topics she enjoyed from the mentorship include; goal setting, being assertive, self-esteem, adolescent, teenage pregnancy and reproductive health.

Stella narrates how important it was for her to get first time opportunity to attend International Women’s Day celebrations in Karare and learn the importance of women in the society. From the event she now believes and holds the adage “What a man can do a woman can do better”

In the recently concluded term one exams Stella scored 430 marks becoming the top student overall in her class. Excellent results indeed!

Stella wants to become a lawyer.


Grace Maiya
Grade 8

Maiya comes from Lakartinya primary school. She is good at athletics and volleyball. Her ambition is to become a nurse. Through the mentorship program Maiya explains the many topics she learnt notably; self-esteem and teenage pregnancy. The program has helped Maiya to release that even girls can perform better in school than boys. She was the top girl in her class with 326 marks this term. Maiya was identified as one of the peer mentors to support other girls in Lakartinya primary school.

“I am very proud to be a member of the Girls Mentorship Program” said Maiya.

Grade 6

Sikuku comes from Loruko primary school. She is among the top students in her class. She participates in football and volleyball; Sikuku is currently the Scouts club prefect.

Sikuku narrates how through the mentorship program her confidence has improved and now she can speak before others. She feels empowered through many topics she learnt in the mentorship program.

She said “Many thanks to Amuka foundation for donation of revision books, clothes and sanitary pads’’

Sikuku wants to become a Surgeon in future.

Grade 8

Sunto is a student at Loruko primary school. She participates in most of the clubs and games in school. This makes her an all rounded student!

Sunto narrates how through the mentorship program she has made good friends as they interact and share ideas with other girls from Lakartinya primary school. Sunto is one of the peer mentors who support other girls within Loruko primary school.

In the mentorship program she has immensely benefited from the topics of relationship, teenage pregnancy, goal setting and self-esteem. She acknowledged that since joining the program; her academic performance has improved and her wish is for the program to continue.

She is a talented athlete, recently during athletic competitions in Marsabit county she won both in (100 & 200) meters run. Sunto has been selected in the company of other athletes to participate in further competitions at provisional level; the competitions will take place in Machakos county in few days’ time.

Grade 8

Rosaline is a student at Lakartinya primary school. She enjoys reading story books. She is the 2nd best performed girl in her class this term with 290 marks. She enjoys playing volleyball than football. Rosaline is a member of the Scouts club in her school.

In the mentorship program Rosaline learnt that parental guidance is one of the key components that can help prevent teenage pregnancy. ‘It is great and awesome to have joined the mentorship program, I love it” said Rosaline.

Rosaline explains that she learnt the importance of women in the society (women are very valuable); During the International Women’s Day celebrations in Karare. Now she feels motivated to do great things.

In future, Rosaline wants to become a high school teacher.