Tumaini Mama

Tumaini Mama is a women’s group started in October 2017 with an objective of giving hope to young women. It is located in the informal settlement of Ngando in Nairobi. We currently have six active participants, but we intend to grow the group by recruiting more women into the program.

The Amuka Foundation assessed that there was a need for starting a program which not only addressed the economic problems of the women but also offered a platform where they could be mentored socially and emotionally through life skills. These ladies meet thrice in a week and have six contact hours with trainers. So far, they have developed skills in crafts, bead-work, embroidery and have had some of their products sold. Apart from the vocational skills, the ladies’ self-esteem has grown which is evident in the way that they communicate and interact with other people.

To keep this program running, the Amuka Foundation provides two trainers and a classroom and also provide the needed materials and equipment ranging from sewing machines to other small items like needles and thread. The Tumaini Mama ladies are also learning computer skills after the Amuka Foundation received a tablet from a generous supporter.