A smaller urban township in Nairobi, Ngando is home to a community programme Village of Hope. Established by local community members they utilised football to bring young boys together to provide mentorship and afterschool support.

Volunteers; many of them teachers, come together to provide tuition to children whose classrooms are overcrowded where they do not have access to sufficient text books and tutorial support. Ngando is often affectionately referred to as where children play truant from home in order to access education.

Amuka Twende works with Village of Hope, bringing together boys and girls, mentoring them through the structured programme of life skills. Working together, boys and girls develop respect for each other and greater appreciation of what each other can bring. Many of those children who progressed to High School as boarders, are found in Ngando during school holidays mentoring others and sharing their own new found knowledge.

Over recent years we have supported Ngando through payment of rent for safe space where children can meet in the evenings after school and at weekends to access tuition, guidance and mentorship. We have supported a small group of local mothers, many whose children attend Amuka Twende, to learn sewing and basic business skills to enable them to earn a small income to support the feeding and education of their children.

Tumaini Mama ‘Mothers of Hope’ have received donations of sewing machines and materials as well as tutoring and guidance to develop their creative and business skills.