Amuka Twende Mentorship Program

Amuka Twende ‘Rise Up – Let’s Go’; developing life skills in young people is the greatest investment we can make. It takes time and requires a trusting relationship between mentor and mentee. Built upon many years of experience working with adolescent boys and girls in the urban township of Kibera, Amuka Twende mentorship programme provides a structured syllabus and access to experienced mentors.

Across the Amuka Twende programme, more than one hundred boys and girls meet three times a week to discuss critical issues such as reproductive health, protection from HIV, STI, alcohol and drugs misuse and teenage pregnancy. Through a variety of different activities they focus on key life skills such a decision making, self confidence, negotiation skills and building healthy relationships.

Throughout the year we facilitate consultative discussions with the young people to identify emerging issues which they consider pose risks to their safety and wellbeing. This facilitative process differs considerably to the normal teaching methods in schools and so Amuka Twende provides valuable opportunities for young people to establish an influential voice. 

Regular feedback and assessments allow us to monitor progress in children’s educational attainment as well as their sense of wellbeing and confidence.

School holidays and forced restrictions such as Covid 19 pose considerable risk to young people. An increase in teenage pregnancy, delinquency and human trafficking are all harsh realities of vulnerability. It is therefore vital that wherever possible, we maintain our mentorship activities.