The Amuka Foundation is dedicated in equipping, empowering and enabling the most vulnerable communities in Kenya, in order to transform their lives.

We work with children, teenagers, youth, women and the wider community in the slums of Kibera, Ngando area in Nairobi and the rural town of Karare in Marsabit County. We aim to provide sustainable interventions that empower the communities to become confident and self sustaining.

Our main activities include;

  1. Establishing innovative programmes which enable women and young girls to access specific programmes of education; particularly for those excluded following early marriage and pregnancy or denied education because of gender.
  2. Developing programmes to equip mothers with vocational skills, enabling them to secure an income and empowering them to support the education of their children and provision of food and healthcare for their families.
  3. Equipping teenagers with life skills, develop critical thinking and self confidence to protect from exploitation and radicalization.
  4. Establishing programmes of sporting activities which bring young people together; providing access to information and guidance; promoting healthy living, developing leadership, negotiating skills, peace, friendship and tolerance.

The Amuka Foundation is a registered  charity organisation under registration number SC047985 with OSCR the independent regulation and registrar for Scotland’s Charities as from 07 December 2017.