International Women’s Day Celebrations in Karare

It was the first ever IWD celebrations in the area. Over 40 women from within Karare attended the event, which took place at Karare Catholic church hall. Celebrating International Women’s Day in Karare was one of the ways to acknowledge women who are setting precedents and embracing civilization in the midst of cultural, the traditional beliefs and practices.

Ann; A nurse at Kamboe dispensary

Some of the women who are making impact in and around Karare shared their own personal & group journeys as well as the importance of connecting with other women in order to succeed.They emphasized on the need to have unity and love for each other, in order to realize the change they want as women from Karare.

Lucia-County assistant coordinator for Beyond Zero Initiative

It was a great honor to have our Founder and Director Ellie together with some of the board members and friends of Amuka. Ellie said ” If we work together will ensure that the young girls have their voice; they are the ones that need change” . She emphasized on appreciating the significant of vision, the value of women and girls in the society.

Different women groups from the area presented traditional dances and sang to the tunes of songs that praise women; being the day of celebrating women across the globe.

Mwangaza Women group