We are very happy for you Russell. Many thanks!

A great honour to have you around our project areas for the last few weeks. We are so very glad that you are committed to support and develop a strong working relationship with Amuka!

Russell Francis

Russell was introduced to the Amuka Foundation after meeting an Amuka supporter on a cruise to Australia back in 2017. Russell is a qualified Accountant and also runs a successful health & well-being company; FitForLifeUk Ltd in the UK.  

Russell is passionate in improving not only the health and well-being of people he meets on a regular basis but also in developing prosperous communities across the globe and in particular Kenya.  

Russell, based in the North West of England, arrived into Nairobi in late January for his first ever trip to the country. While visiting, he has experienced a wide range of the services and projects that Amuka Foundation offers to communities across Kenya including, and not limited to: ECD support, sewing and knitting initiatives, girl mentorship programs and after school programmes. Russell spent a 2-night safari within the country. In addition, he spent half a day painting a classroom at Loruko primary school.

Russell with Dickson at Village of Hope Library

During his short visit to the Amuka project areas, Russell has already agreed to sponsor a 5-year-old boy throughout his entire education from the Ngando slums and intends to also support a similar aged girl from the Kibera slums as he is especially passionate within equality for all and in giving a voice to those whom are not always given that voice to be heard.

Russell who has spent his time in Kenya with Ellie Bird, is also extremely happy to accept to act as the Finance & Administration Manager for the Foundation for which he will not charge any fees for the services he provides. He has also agreed to act as a mentor to Issack in order to improve his skills within the social media and administrative functions to further move the Foundation forward. Russell had the opportunity to meet some of the Kenyan based Amuka trustee and visited Ngando, where he spent some quality time with Dickson and other pupils during the After School mentorship program.

Russell has stated that he is so very happy to have spent just over 2 weeks visiting the many projects which the Foundation supports and very much looking forward to offering his services to further develop this amazing idea created by Ellie. He looks forward to returning to the Kenya in October 2019.

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Amuka Foundation

Amuka foundation has been set to change the lives of young people in Kenya providing them with the education and skills they need. We focus on the prevention and relief of poverty by advancing education, health and well being and improving the long-term conditions within which the young people live. We achieve this by equipping young people with the skills, knowledge, confidence and health to achieve whatever they want to regardless of background, tradition, culture and gender. Amuka - Rise up, Twende - Let’s go

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